Hridae Walia

I'm an Interaction Designer, researcher, and tinkerer

Interaction Designer.


Memory Care Experience Station

The Memory Care Experience Station is a large-scale, mobile unit that offers interactive, multisensory engagement for residents living with dementia.
🌟 Finalist for the experimental category in Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards!

🌟 Honorable Mention for the Scan 2021 Innovation Award!

Healthcare   /   Experience Design   /   Design Research
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A project that aims to prevent addictions in people that have been prescribed opioids. With deep research into the experiences and insights of people who have recovered from addiction.
Design for Healthcare   /   Material Design   /   Behaviour Change    /   Design Research
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Senior Thesis. Sustainability through repair, resale, and recycling modern devices with a VR training app.
VR  /  Sustainability  /  Behaviour Change
VR  /  Sustainability  /  Behaviour Change


Salus is a service that collects and manages artifacts of a user’s online presence and empowers people to take control of their digital privacy.
Data Security   /   Animation
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