I'm an Interaction Designer, researcher, and VR enthusiast

I'm an Interaction Designer, researcher, and tinkerer



Senior Thesis. Sustainability through repair, resale, and recycling modern devices with a VR training app.
VR  /  Sustainability  /  Behaviour Change
VR  /  Sustainability  /  Behaviour Change


Salus is a service that collects and manages artifacts of a user’s online presence and empowers people to take control of their digital privacy.
Data Security   /   Animation
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Privacy in Voice AI

Made with the help of strict privacy guidelines, the Google Assistant Redesign is an experience that aims to enable control of a user's privacy through casual verbal conversation
Data Security   /   Animation   /   Privacy
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A project that aims to prevent addictions in people that have been prescribed opioids. With deep research into the experiences and insights of people who have recovered from addiction.
Design for Healthcare   /   Material Design   /   Behaviour Change    /   Design Research
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