Designer, Maker,
Problem Solver.

I'm an interaction designer with experience working in ambiguous spaces across domains like healthcare, AI, and augmented reality. My journey as a designer has been fueled by my never ending curiosity.

I'm interested in multisensory experiences, physical computing, 0-1 stage product design, butter chicken, spatial design, visual art, PC gaming, Dragon Ball Z, storytelling, 80s action movies, 90s rap, Arsenal FC, butter chicken, CGI, computer hardware, VR, Kid Cudi, audio equipment, keyboards, butter chicken, hardware design, cats, dogs, FIFA, Warriors!, Steam Deck, PC Gaming, mango milkshake, lao gan ma, al pastor, Datsun 240z, why are you still here?

My Journey


Delhi, India

I grew up around art. I was painting, drawing, and sketching 'inventions' as a kid. I was really inspired by the art I grew up around including the many video games I conquered along the way. I think I wanted to be an inventor of things, or an architect, at one point a rapper perhaps.


BFA Interaction Design,
CCA, San Francisco

I initially applied as an Industrial Designer, but it quickly became clear to me that Interaction Design was the perfect fit as it allowed me to focus on the problems while having a wide array of ways to tackle them. Learned the core of interaction design and design thinking. Thesis project on creating a right to repair ecosystem through community trading and repair training in VR.


San Francisco

While freelancing I worked on a wide variety of projects including fintech, 3D AI Simulations, and restaurant management software. It made me comfortable applying my design practice in pretty much any domain.


Maria Mortati Experience Design,
San Francisco

Design and research for a multi-modal, full-body interactive project in a clinical setting for people living with disabilities. Performed research and provided insights. Built proof-of-concept prototypes to enhance remote communication.


San Francisco

Designer at a startup providing home AR fitness experiences. Designed and launched the Virdio mobile, desktop, and tablet apps. Designed interactive AR workout experiences and collaborated with developers for implementation. Designed internal work management tools, broadcasting UI, and many other things.


Maria Mortati Experience Design,
San Francisco

Design, research, and development of multi-sensory experiences meant for the Memory Care Experience Station, a large scale interactive experience at a senior care living facility. Designing physical and digital experiences, along with the UX redesign of a digital media library to accompany the experience station.


Master of HCI + Design,
University of Washington, Seattle

Expanded my design skillset with more systemic and community conscious design thinking, as well as including more computational concepts in my projects. Currently leading the development of an AI accelerated culinary education platform in collaboration with CSE professor Steven Tanimoto.